About Pica hudsonia

Meredith Swett Walker is a biologist by training who used to study hormones and behavior in birds- specifically the fascinating, polymorphic white-throated sparrow in the Boreal Forest of northern Vermont.  Now she studies the development and behavior of two juvenile humans nicknamed Frog and Pie in the high desert of western Colorado.  While this is a demanding and absorbing field of study, she occasionally has thoughts that do not involve the feeding and care of her current study organisms.  This blog is a venue to explore those ideas, exercise writing muscles, and hopefully get a little feedback from the big wide world. If you are curious about what interests Meredith, you can follow her on Twitter @mswettwalker.


2 thoughts on “About Pica hudsonia

  1. edward says:

    The native cottonwood IS a grand tree. A beauty in all seasons. Thank you for taking the time to place this article to instruct people .

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